Our licensed, professional technicians will survey your property to identify any areas that may serve as mosquito breeding sites. Upon completion, your representative will discuss these findings and review any areas that may need your attention.  Mosquitoes are known to lay eggs in just a 1/2" of water and can do so in an area no larger than a bottle cap! Your technician will point out any concerns contributing to mosquito activity. Your property will then be treated with EPA approved products designed to reduce incoming adult mosquitoes from resting on surrounding trees and shrubs as well as prevent mosquito larva from hatching from any existing areas where standing water may be present.  Apex Pest Control places the utmost care in choosing products that are not harmful to children or pets, but it is recommended to avoid any treated areas for about an hour or until products have had time to dry. 


Mosquito Control


  Full Season Package          $495.00 ($55/application) 

     9 Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatments that cover the mosquito season from April 1st through Sept 30th


  Mid-Summer Package       $300.00 ($60/application)

     5 Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatments that cover from Memorial Day to Labor Day


   Summer Holiday Package   $180.00 

     3 Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatments for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day  (applied within 1 week of the holiday)


   Special Event Package     $140.00 

    1 Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment one week prior to your event
    1 Mosquito Barrier Treatment and All-Natural Repellent 2 days before your special event


        Prices listed are for up to a 1/2 acre property. 


Non-package pricing 

up to 1/2 acre treated area $65.00

1/2 acre to 3/4 acre treated area $85.00

3/4 acre to 1 acre treated area $105.00



Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment 

This spray will decrease your property's mosquito population by approximately 90%. Our staff will treat the area of your property that mosquitoes and ticks are known to hide.  Eliminating adult mosquitos and ticks. Apply every 2-3 weeks to keep your yard free of mosquitoes.



All-Natural Mosquito Repellent 

This is an all-natural mosquito treatment that will repel approximately 75% of mosquito population on your property. We recommend that this treatment is applied every 2 weeks if used by itself.

Package & Non-package pricing add $10.00 per application rates listed above



Combination of Traditional Mosquito Barrier and All-Natural Repellent 

This is a combination of All Natural Repellant and the Traditional Mosquito Barrier product blend - This effective combination eliminates the adult mosquitos up to 3 weeks that feed in your area.  This combination gives you a highest rate of protection against mosquitos.  Apply every 2-3 weeks to keep your yard free of mosquitoes.

Package & Non-package pricing add $15.00 per application rates listed above


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