Spiders and General Pest Control

Whether the pest is just an inconvenience or creating a problem Apex Pest Control can help with conventional or green options to gain control.


                             Mosquito Control

Your Apex Pest Control licensed professional technician will survey your property to identify any areas that may serve as mosquito breeding sites. 


Yellow Jackets, Bees, Hornets & Wasps

Your Apex Pest Control professional technician will identify the specific species and point out conditions which could be attracting them to your property.  If you’ve noticed stinging insect activity around your home, Apex Pest Control is ready to help! 

                                  Bed bugs

How can anyone sleep tight with the prospect of bed bugs creeping and crawling through your sheets? Call Apex Pest Control today, we are here to help!



                  Rodents - Mice & Rats

Because the reproductive potential of a single pair of rats or mice is staggering, our control of rodent infestation relies on both reducing the rodent population with bait technology.  Apex Pest Control technicians can pest proof your home or business.




Apex Pest Control can identify the problem, treat and bait correctly to eliminate the pest.  Contact us today!


Weather you have a house fly, fungus gnats or drain flies we can help. Apex Pest Control are not only here to help eliminate the current problem. We can help prevent future problems. For areas with frequently opened doors ask about our quality and proven effective fly light rental with affordable service programs to maintain the lights effectiveness.  Contact us today!




During our first visit, we will search your property, inside and out, and take all actions needed to make the pests disappear.


Once they’ve made your house their home, they can be very difficult to get rid of. If you find, or suspect, you have a flea problem, we will send professional help!

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